L’eau By Madilu System, What is this song about?

L’eau By madilu System, What is this song about?


The song L’eau By madilu System is full of dedications. L’eau is not a lingala word. It is an french word that means water in english and mayi in lingala. Madilu mentioned most of the musicians who were at the top back then including Koffi Olomide. He even used a sample of his song called Loi where tried to animate his remix of it himself.

The topic of the song is once again rivalry. Madilu calls himself a whale. He claims that whales don’t leave in the river of Kalamu. If you are fishing there, you will not catch him. He also justified his innocence by saying if you see me with her, don’t worry. We divorced long time ago.

Another word for atalaku is animateur, the one who keeps the show going.

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