Omba by JB Mpiana Traduction, Translation and Meaning

What is the song Omba by JB Mpiana about?

The song Omba by JB Mpiana is a love song. The main character was in love with a girl named Omba. The parents of the girl didn’t want to approve their marriage because he was from a different region. He was so focused on getting married to Omba; unfortunately, these parents remained against it. He finally became impatient and went crazy. He did everything necessary that a guy can do when he is honestly in love: became a brother in Christ, fasted, prayed and looked everywhere. All his efforts didn’t work.

This man also admitted that he was poor. He even quoted Simone de Beauvoir, the wife of Jean Paul Sartre, who wrote a book back in the 50s called The Second Sex.
Simone de Beauvoir alobaki na livre na ye, ‘Quand la pauvre était entré par la porte en bas, l’amour s’enfuit par la fenetre.’ Na ndimi yango. Here is the translation. Simone de Beauvoir said in her book, ‘When poverty entered by the bottom door, love ran away by the window.’ I agree. He then said, ‘if I was like Adam bombole, Andre Kimbuta or President Patcheli, I’d purchase a castle in the City of Monaco and stop everyone from going in or out. This will assure me that you are mine.’

From the beginning till the end of this 7:45 long song, there is no indications of hope for this guy.

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