Orphelin Amoureux by Fally Ipupa – Meaning and English translation of the chorus

Orphelin Amoureux by Fally Ipupa – Meaning and English translation of the chorus

The song Orphelin Amoureux by Fally Ipupa deals with the subject matter of separation. The word orphelin, a french word, means orphan in english. Fally Ipupa, who is an orphan in real life, is comparing his relationship (in the story) with the life of an orphan.

Let’s focus on the intro for the moment. Are you ready for the metaphors?
Muana ba longoli libele, ba longoli te na famille.
Translation: A baby whose parents decide to stop breastfeeding him / her still belong to the family.
Etudiant a defendre memoir a kabuani na institut.
Translation: When a student complete his / her final dissertation, he or she separates himself from the university.
Ba kufela bana ba bota.
Translation: people who have lost a child can have another child.
Ba kufele ba parents ba zongaka te oh.
Translation: Deceased parents do not come back.

The previous line is the main focus of the song. It helps us understand how unlikely he feels about being with this girl again.
If you have watched the video, you will notice that Fally is with the girl that he is claiming to have lost. Watch this video again: the parts where they are together is his imagination. The parts where he is alone is the new reality.

Now here is the chorus in lingla:
Na kueisi eloko ya motuya di eh.
Okweisami wapi zala ngonga lela na yoka.
Et pourtant na tia yo na banque avant ba retirer yo.
Signature na nga, ba falsifier signature na nga
Adam Mbonkolo

English translation of the chorus:
I lost something valuable.
Where did I drop you? Become a bell. Ring so that I can hear.
Despite the fact that I put you in the bank before you were withdrawn.
They imitated my signature
Adam Mbonkolo

The fact that he added the name, Adan Mbonkolo or Henry Tukulu is like he is telling them the story.
In reality, it is part of the soukous music marketing. These people are often business people who usually became more successful when they are mentioned like this.

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