Kosa Leka by Fally Ipupa is about what?

Kosa Leka by Fally Ipupa is about what?

Kosa leka is a social context where you find yourself in a situation in which you have to lie. Fally Ipupa is telling us that if you have to lie, you need to move on afterwards because if you don’t do so, you will end up being caught. Those two words were known independently before Fally Ipupa used them as a motto for his Album. The lingala word kosa means lie in english. Leka means go or pass. It is sometimes better to present something differently than to bring something new and original in the world.

This phrase in now incorporated in lingala language. If someone is caught after lying to people.
People are often saying kosa leka ya Fally ekangi ye. Which means Fally’s lie and go caught him. If you have to lie, remember that you can’t be lying over and over. The longer you stay or the more you repeat the lie, the more chances of being caught.

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