Douglas Ilumbe by Wenge Musica is about what? Resume de la chanson.

What is the song Douglas Ilumbe by Wenge Musica about?

The song Douglas Ilumbe by Wenge Musica was made especially for a guy named Douglas Ilumbe. Douglas was a real person. He passed away a few years ago.

In the intro, JB Mpiana told us who Douglas was. He said that he was a cool guy.
He also named Douglas’ friends, Kami Kashama and Jado Dwangi; his girlfriend, Sido Bonzala; and his brother, Toni Ilumbe.

Douglas Ilumbe’s girlfriend was complaining in verse one about what Douglas said to two of his friends, Jose Tumba and Sylvie Mbala. Douglas told them that she was not behaving appropriately.
Yo oyokisi nga soni epayi ya Jose Tumba means I am disappointed by what you told Jose Tumba.

In verse two, she elaborated her hopes regarding their relationship as well as the troubles that they were dealing with. She was hoping that they get married one day but Douglas Ilumbe’s family didn’t want her mainly because she was poor.

When these artists write a song about someone, they usually include some of her or his personalities. In this song, it is mentioned that Douglas Ilumbe was a good looking guy who was praised by everyone. And the funniest thing about him was that he was not wearing necklaces. it signifies that he was not trying to be nice or cool.

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