Parking Ya ba ba ba by Koffi Olomide is about what?

What is the song Parking ya Bababa by Koffi Olomide about?

We all should know by now that Koffi Olomide is a big provocateur.
Throughout this song, Koffi is condemning people for talking about him night and day.
He portrays himself as an extremely poor person. He grew up in such a poverty to the point where his parent didn’t afford to buy him shoes. The opening line Tsha-Tsho eza mayi means Tsha-Tsho is water. Tsha-Tsho is the name of his rhythm.

Here are three quotes from the song:

Moyi ebimaka po na moto nyoso.
Est-ce que ce vrai ca?

Is it true that the sun shines for everyone?
(He was so poor to the point where he began to doubt the law of nature.)

Saki ya pamba eko telemaka te oh.

An empty bang can’t stand still.

Mayi ya moto eko tumbaka elamba te.

Hot water doesn’t burn clothes.

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