Si Je Savais Ca by Madilu System is about what?

A review of the song Si Je Savais Ca by Madilu System

Si Je savais ca means if I had known it: if I had known that a relationship is a complicated matter.

The actual song is about a woman who was avoiding to be hurt while she was in a complicated relationship. Her man was being kind to other women instead of her, so she asked her man to put their relationship on stand by and rekindle it when the man will be ready to fully commit himself again. Zongisa amour na nga na congelateur means put my love back in the fridge.
Mokolo yo oko zonga otiya yango na micro-ondes means put it in the microwave when you will return. She was so careful. In another context , she reminded her man in advance that she was pregnant, therefore, she will be needing rare fruits at different times of the day.

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