Original by Fally Ipupa about what?

What is the song original by Fally Ipupa about?


Original has a strong message. Fally prefers everything to be original. He thinks that everyone is like that. He is an explorer. He likes to release original songs while making sure that he is pioneering. This song was supposed to be included in the album power, but it didn’t make it. It has original beats. The clips reflects an original concepts. You can be sweeping because you have a passion for sweeping and also own a Rolls Royce at the same time. He is advising people to stop judging others quickly. There are signals in the video which shows Kinshasa as it really is. One of the sign on a wall says , “Lopango oyo eza ya ko teka te.” It means this house is not for sale.

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  • Thaks for your translations man, I love Conglese music. Thats all l listen to despite not able to understand word:) Thats the power of music

  • Thanks man. Now I have a grasp of the story lines of these songs. Keep it up bro. Waiting for more from you.

  • Sallykape Kasembo

    Everything about this song its perfect! Ilike the video more; the chereography rocks! So hoot!

  • I recently discovered Fally Ipupa. I’m from miles away, all the way in the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago. I love his music…it’s so different, so complex. And I understand not a word. Amazing.

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