Nzele by Madilu System is about what?

What is the song Nzele by Madilu System about?

The song Nzele by Madilu System is a context where a man is regretting the fact that he divorced because of gossips. Let us assume that this man is Madilu himself since he wrote most of his songs. Madilu calls gossipers ‘witnesses’. He says to Nzele that, “when I approached you, there were no witnesses.” Ko linga na lingaki yo, Nzele, ba temoin ba zalaki te.

He has been confused for two days. He can’ t believe that he has divorced. He is also remembering the hardships that he went through in order to be with Nzele. Madilu finally gave Nzele some rules because he didn’t want people to laugh at him. He told Nzele that if she doesn’t follow those rules, people will laugh at him.

Madilu also give us a glimpse of what it is like to be a celebrity: people love you, but at the same time, they talk about you in a negative way. He thinks that it is crazy.

And finally, Nzele is a slang word in Lingala. It means woman. In this song, Nzele is a proper name.

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