Fouta Djallon by Koffi Olomide is about what?

What is the song Fouta Djallon by Koffi Olomide about?

Fouta Djallon tells the story of a miserable man who is not in harmony with his wife.
They don’t see each other during the day because she goes to work. While she is at work, he spends the day worrying about her. If he asks her a question, she replies without making any sense at all. He is crazy in love with her.

She has turned him into a lion from cartoon, a docile lion. Nkoyi ya dessin anime means animated lion. He only have true appetite if he is eating food that she cooked. The only thing that is missing from him is to climb a tree and shout he loves her. After all this, she still left him.

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  • Skebhe Nkalanga

    Fouta Djallon is a great song. It is simply a cut above the rest. Although as a South African I can not understand Lingala language but that on itself did not deter me to fall in love with the track and the man himself Mopao Sarkozy. Indeed music is a universal language.

    When is Koffi visiting South Africa for performance?

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