Karibu Yangu by Tshala Muana is about what?

What is the song Karibu Yangu by Tshala Muana about?


Tshala Muana has released songs in tshiluba, lingala, french and this particular one is in swahili.
In Karibu Yangu, a woman is asking her boyfriend to take her to his parents so that they can be given money for their weddings.

Uni urumiye, urumiye
(Forgive me)
Na ku liliya unite
(I beg you to call me)
Uni peleke kwa mama
(Take me to your mother)
Ata tupatiya mali
(She will give us money)
Tu unge oh, ndowa ya lote
(We will marry forever)
Mupenzi oh, mimi na wewe
(We we’ll be in love)
Ndowa oh, ndowa ya lote
(Married forever)
Karibu oh, Karibu yangu
(Close to me)

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