Mikitisa by Fally Ipupa is about what?

What is the song Mikitisa by fally Ipupa about?


Society asks us to be humble. The bible asks women to be submissive.
This obedient woman is wondering why problems are always coming her way despite the fact that she is doing all the right things. She is lost. Vincent Gomez, the guy in which this woman is complaining about, is not happy with anything she does.

She ends up telling him that he has the needle.
(Vincent, yo nde oza na tonga)
Their relationship is thorn.
(Amour na biso epasuki)
The affection that bound them together is the thread.
(Affection ya yo na nga eza singa)
They should sew their love.
(To tonga bolingo)

The Lingala word mikitisa means humble yourself in English.
It is also common to see words like mikisisa spelled mi kitisa.

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