Les Rumeurs by Luambo Makiadi Franco is about what?

What is Les Rumeurs by Luambo Makiadi Franco is about?


This song is about what goes on behind the scene when you are living in the spotlight.
People watch everything that you do. They don’t stop there; they also add speculations.
Here are some of those speculations about Franco:

Mboka epanzani sango eh eh
(The town has been on the news)
Mboka epanzi ngai sango eh
(I have been on the news)
Balobi, akoti lopitalo eh
(They say that I am hospitalized)
Balobi, ba moni ye na Ngaliema eh
(They say that they saw me in Ngaliema hospital)
Balobi, akende Bruxelles oh
(They say that he went to Brussels)
Balobi, ba moni ye na Anvers oh
(They say that they saw him in Anvers)

Les Rumeurs is also known as Baiser Ya Yuda.

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