Washington by Koffi Olomide is about what?

Washington by Koffi Olomide is about what?


What is the song Washington by Koffi Olomide about?

This song is from the album Effrakata, the album which
allowed Koffi Olomide to win 4 Kora awards in one night.

Washington is a love song. He is singing it after being rejected.
The rejection lead him to believe that only Jesus Christ, Mother Teresa and
Gandhi were able to demonstrate true signs of love.

He is an excerpt of that part:

Kolongola Yezu
(With the exception of Jesus)
Kolongola Gandhi. (ayi)
(With the exception of Gandhi)
Kolongola Yezu
(With the exception of Jesus)
Kolongola Sainte Theresa aaa.
(With the exception of Mother Teresa)
Po bango nde ba demontra
(Because they are the people who demonstrated)
Ba signe ya bolingo.
(Signs of love.)

I am not going to focus on the story; I will focus on the humor.
Another Koffi Olomide’s signature, just like Franco, is the humors that he adds to his songs.

This is the talking part found about 5:30 seconds in the song.
It is an incident where someone gives his / her number to
a person whom he or she is avoiding.

Yo moko ozui nimero nayo opesa epa na ye.
(You willingly gave your number to her / him. )
Abenga repondeur.
(But when she / he calls, the call goes to the answer machine.)
Abenga akweyi na voix ya mwana.
(Or a child answer the phone.)
Eh eh eh
Mais changer kaka numero te!
(Why don’t you change the number!)

Trivia: Koffi speaks like an average person would speak in the streets of Kinshasa.
He keeps up with the current terminologies-especially when he is the first celebrity to popularize them.

He continues by saying the following:

Kanda yango ozalaka nango ya JPK Kitenge ya nini ko?
(Why are you so angry with JPK Kitenge?)
Moto ya ngani akendeki ko luka lipa.
(He went to look for bread.)
Azonga na boulangerie.
(He returned with a bakery.)

Here, Koffi Olomide was saying that JPK Kitenge was running his business like everyone.
It turned out better than expected, and someone is mad at him for that.

Trivia: JPK Kitenge has nothing to do with the story, including his name is a
way of promoting him and his business.

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