A review the album Sans Commentaire by Madilu System

The album Sans Commentaire has a total of 10 tracks

Track 4
Biya – Madilu System feat Josky Kiambukuta

The song Biya by Madilu System was released twice. It first appeared in the album Destin. A remix of it appeared in the album Sans Commentaire. Biya is the name of Madilu’s wife. The song was made in her honor. Madilu’s compositions are very close to Rochereau’s when it comes to simplicity. This song is not too wordy. Madilu is saying, that they have kids together just the way he expected. He also said ask the river to stop running but do not ask my heart to stop loving you.The chorus gets even better. He says that he was born for her. He followed this line with his family loves her a lot.

Track 7
Paradiso – Madilu System ft Dally Kimoko
The Lingala word paradiso means paradise in English.
This song is about fulfilling our fantasy, leaving our ideal life. Most of us think that if we accomplish one major task like buying a house or making millions, we will be set. The song is saying that it is not the case. Life will always be associated with some kinds of sufferance.

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