Reviews of songs by Franco Luambo Makiadi and OK Jazz

1) Franco Luambo Makiadi’s Princesse Kikou

This song is about a princess who was hated by many. Kikou was not just a princess; she was also an over confident woman. She says that her presence intimidates. On top of that, she says that her clothes fit well in her, and everybody is puzzled when she is walking.

People often brought false accusations to her parents. They acted as though they wanted her to have a better upbringing. She asked those people whether they have previously seen a child who was rejected by her parents because of nonsense talks and gossips. They even wanted her to lose her job.

2) Franco Luambo Makiadi’s Fabrice

Fabrice is a promotional song. It was designed to promote a
fashion designer who also owned a boutique called Fabrice.

Here are some translated extracts:

Ozalaka nani, Fabrice ako latisa yo eh
(Whoever you are Fabrice will dress you.)
Fabrice ayambaka client nyoso nako seka
(Fabrice greets every customer with a smile.)
Fabrice ako latisa yo eh
(Fabrice will dress you.)
Verkys, kende na Poto
(Verkys, go to Europe.)
Fabrice ako latisa yo eh
(Fabrice will dress you.)

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