Why Wenge Musica Separated?

Why Wenge Musica separated? / Cause de la separation de Wenge

Well, this is a tough question.
The most honest answer can only come from JB Mpiana because he is the one who made the first move. There is a guy called Ambassadeur Kija Brown who is writing his version of the story. This guy used to negotiate contracts back when Wenge Musica was together. He even danced during earlier playbacks.

The truth from Werrason’s perspective is this: they had to move on, and the most important ingredient during the foundation of Maison Mere was not Werrason; It was Japonais. Japonais was in Europe at that time and Werrason was in Kinshasa. They needed Japonais because he knew all the rhythms and was able to create new, pleasant and distinct rhythms for upcoming releases.
Let’s wait for the book.

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  • this is the story that iwanted to knwo coz ilike the songs they perfome. togther,so the separation was no about leadership as poeple claim

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