Review of Songs by Ferre Gola

Review of Songs by Ferre Gola

1) 100 Kilos by Ferre Gola was released when
The band Les Marquis de Maison Mere was together.

Les Marquis faced a lot of financial difficulties.
Ferre Gola had to sell one of his houses in order
to cover expenses for video clips.

The house that he sold was located in the county of Kitambo.
Ndako naye ya Kitambo.

Fally has recently mentioned during an interview with
Papy Mboma that Ferre wanted him to join Les Marquis.

We will hear what Ferre Gola will say about it during his
second interview with Papy Mboma at B-one TV.

100 Kilos is a love song.

A woman was dating a rich guy.
On this guy’s birthday, she had nothing to impress him with,
so she decided to offer him 3 insects, a 100 Kilos of flowers
and a parrot.

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