A Review of the album 13em Apotre by Koffi Olomide

1) Mutshiribara Koffi Olomide Review in English


Mutshiribara was released on YouTube on September, 11th 2014.
I neglected the song because it did not meet my expectations.
Koffi has been talking about this album since the end of 2012
up to now when he is starting to release singles from the album.

I felt like I did not get what I expected.
The audio was very ordinary.
The video clip was great, amazing.

But today, a week later. September 20th, 2014,
I reconsidered the song because it heat 100 000 YouTube views.
I love songs that sorts of fly on their own.

When I saw that it received so many views in a short period of time, I realized that many people didn’t feel the way I felt.

The video clip was directed by Brown Touch Afro,
The same guys who directed Service by Fally Ipupa.

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