Koffi Olomide Noblesse Oblige Review in English

Koffi Olomide Noblesse Oblige Review in English


This song is about what to expect when you are a noble.
The title, Noblesse Oblige means expectations of a noble.

In short, nobles are people of a higher rank in society.
They often mingle among themselves.
They do not associate themselves with people of lower social class.

In this song, Koffi is one of them.
He is talking about how he is perceived
by people of lower social class.

They hate him.
They are happy when something bad happen to him.

Here is the translation of a portion of what Koffi told them:

Nyoso nga naza mpe na zua
(All that I have and I am..)

Eza Nzambe kaka ye mei
(Is God himself who gave me.)

Ko pesa nga faute te oh
(do not blame me.)

Chance ewutaka na Nzambe tata na Yezu
(Blessings come from God)

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  • Where is the whole translation of this song?

  • Batu mosusu penza eh!!!
    People need to Leave Koffi alone o!!! So many songs I’m beginning to see are addressing rumor mongers and haters. Like he said, don’t blame him because he is gifted at everything. Koffi will always be my Golden Star.
    Love, from Lusaka

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