Ferre Gola – Kiti Ya Libala Review and translation of some lyrics, paroles

Ferre Gola – Kiti Ya Libala Review and translation of some lyrics, paroles



The phrase kiti ya libala means marriage throne.
It is the honor given to a married woman.

The phrase kiti ya libaya means a chair made of wood.
When Ferre Gola says ebongo kiti ya libaya elelela nga
quick, quick. He is simulating the sound that a chair made
of wood makes.

Ferre Gola has used both of these phrases in the song.

This song is about a man who is in love with a woman who
doesn’t love him anymore. He has become weak because of this.
He wishes to came back, after reincarnation,
as this woman’s baby so that she can care about him.

Here is the translation of some extracts:

Na elongi nanga monoko nanga ekoma nango fantasie ya pamba
(In my face, my mouth is not real.)
Nakoma lokola mbwa ya kopale
(I have turned into a fake dog…)

Alobaka kaka soki y’oza te
(Who barks when you are not there.)
Ata nazwi ba decision nanga ya kimobali eh
(Even if I made decisions as a man.)
Etaleli nayo edeclanchaka ba phrase decisive nangai
(Your look makes me change my mind.)
[*In the video, the girl flips her hair while looking back.]

Slow, slow, Mouvisson

Motema ezo reclamer ata mwa litabisi ya bolingo
(My heart needs extra time.)
Ndenge riche asengaka mobola ata litanga ya mayi n’enfer
(The way a rich person can ask a poor person for a drop of water in hell.)
Naniango okoki kosalelanga ata enti soucie eh
(Who can make a cure to heal stress?)

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