Review of the album Feux de l’Amour by JB Mpiana of Wenge BCBG

Review of the album Feux de l’Amour by JB Mpiana of Wenge BCBG

1) Top Model – JB Mpiana
Tabu Fatu is a promotional song.
I currently don’t know anything about Tabu Fatu’s businesses at the moment, but I
do know that congolese music is heavily supported by women, wealthy women.
Some do it for the love of music, while others do it because they are part of the marketing of one particular artist. They are called bureau if they only support one artist. Bureau ya Jb.(A person very clause to JB) These artists listen to what their bureaus are saying.
The same woman was also praised in the song Liputa by Fally Ipupa.

I urge you to pay a special attention to the voice of Emelia and Alain Mpela in this song.

Translated extract:

Tabu Fatu, cherie
(Tabu Fatu, love.)
Mwana ngo bonzenga
(A beautiful woman.)
Alata tres kitoko
(Well dressed)
Lokola Claudia Schiffer
(As Claudia Schiffer)
Ako rouler na Benz
(Is rolling in Benz)
A Kinshasa La Belle
(In beautiful Kinshasa.)

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  • the track “tabu fatu” was written and
    composed by jean bedel tshituka? And is it true that tabu fatu is a model?if so,what type of a model is she and where does she reside in her home town?thanks.bakulutu!!..

    • Jonas Lusalusa

      Thanks for commenting. Tabu Fatu currently reside in France. She is a businesswoman. She is not a model. I don’t know much about who wrote Top Model.

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