Papa Lolo by Mose Fan Fan Review of the song in English

The song papa Lolo by Mose Fan Fan
has been requested just as much as every other classics
like Pesa Position by OK Jazz,
Mamou by OK Jazz
or Coucou by Koffi olomide.

Apparently, they play it everywhere in Kenya.

This song is classified as mystery.

There is a little part of the song in a different language.
I don’t understand that language.

Na mokili ba ndimaka motote: this is lingla
Osangelaka lia katuka: this is not lingala.
I don’t even know what language it is.

Now let’s get to the point.
What makes it mystery?

Night time is the day time of witches.
In the morning the owners of the bodies suffer.

Papa Lolo’s corps is somewhere.
Ba bwaki yo wapi?
Where have they dropped you?

Ebale ezanga mikuwa.
There are no bones in the river.

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