Maboko Pamba by Ferre Gola is About What?

Maboko Pamba by Ferre Gola is About What?

Maboko Pamba is about depression and rejection. It is filled with wisdom and instructions.

If you go visit your partner and they give you a very small chair, bear in mind that they don’t want you to stay long. Another partner is on the way.
(Oke epa ya molongani, ba pesi you ebonga ya mokuse, yeba ba lingi owumela te. Mosusu aza na nzela.)

Your pocket made you stay longer( in that relationship), its shrinkage is kicking you off.
(Libenga nayo nde evandisaki yo kuna longtemps, ko konda nango ya lelo eza ko benganisa yo.)

Soki na feti molongani okomi ko tambola tambola gentillesse ko luta, bandeko, eza encadrement.
(If your partner is walking up and down at a party while being too nice, mate, it is a lack of coaching.)

Don’t cry, it happens. Your body is drown in a hole; your mind is not.
(Ko lela te eza makambo eyaka, nzoto ya pamba edindi na libulo; molimo te.)

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