Vive Les Maries by Ferre Gola is about what?

Vive Les Maries is a wedding song.

In the intro, Willy is looking for Jolie.

This is what Jolie says:

Yo ozo kumba ngai na motema no.
(You are carrying me in your heart.)

Sans tenir compte naza na nga poussiere
(Without taking into account the fact that I am sand.)

Mopepe ya souci yoka ngai ata mua mawa
(Stressful wind is blowing, feel pity for me.)

Na batama au milieu de son coeur
(I am hidden in the middle of his heart.)

Other wedding song: Libala by Reddy Amisi, Libala by Rino Mvumbi and
Eden by Théo Blaise Nkounkou.

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