Diego Music – Werraon is about what?

Diego Music – Werraon is about what?


Diego Music is a promotional song. The song is crafted with the intention to promote a man whose real name is not known. He is currently known as Diego Music. He is an executive producer and music distributor living in France.

What these artist do is they write down the background of the person who wants a song about him or her and turn it into a song. They don’t have to talk about their business. They have spent a lot of money promoting themselves. Just hearing his or her name, reminds you of the business that they do.

Translated extract:

Bolingo ya Diego
(Diego’s wife)
Yvi Matondo, Diego alela,
(Yvi Matondo, Diego loves you.)
Yvi Matongo, Diego alingaka yo, na motema.
(Yvi Matongo, Diego, loves you in his heart.)
Ko linga moto na kati ya motema pe eza
(Loving someone in your heart is)
Nango kaka loi ya nature.
(Also the law of nature.)

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