Mikolo Mileki Mingi – Orchestre Veve Paroles Lyrics in Lingala with English Translation

Mikolo Mileki Mingi – Orchestre Veve Verckys Kiamuangana Mateta Paroles Lyrics in Lingala with English Translation

Nayebi nakoya, nayebi nakoya oh oh
(I know I will come, I know I will come)

Na yebisaki yo nini eh?
(What did I tell you?)

Ko zonga oh mboka te oh
(Don’t go back to the village)

Yo ozali moto libanga eh
(You are a stubborn, (your head is a rock))

Yo ozui nde nzela okei eh
(You still went)

Ngai na tikali na mawa oh oh
(I sadly stayed)

Miso mateli nga, nako lela lela bana na ngai
(My eyes turned red, I miss my children)

Mikolo mileki mingi
(So many days went by)

Banda yotikaki ngai yo yo oh oh
(Since you left me)

Na zui nanu bomengo te oh awa na Kinshasa
(I am not wealthy yet here in Kinshasa)

Kaka se monyokoli
(Only surfrance)

Nako luka, nako meka eh oh oh
(I am looking, I am trying)

Moyen nyoso, ndenge nyoso, ngai pe na bikela, oyoki?
(All possible ways so that I can also support myself, do you hear me?)

Mbongo yango ngai na zua wapi eh?
(Where can I find the money in question?)

Nazali mobali, nazali mobali
(I am a man, I am a man)

Nako sala nyoso, nako mipesa nzoto na mosala
(I will do everything, I will devote myself to work)

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  • Edward Luyinda

    Hi good people, thanks for the good job you are doing of translating lingala songs to English.
    On a polite note, could could someone translate for me the song, ‘NAKOMITUNAKA’, I have searched the web but in vein. I will appreciate your effort.

  • michael.Wanangwe

    Please get me the lyrics of the song Kinzenge zenge by Lipua Lipua translate it.This my best no by Lipua.

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