Bahati Weezdom – Faham Video Clip and Review

Bahati Weezdom – Faham Video Clip and Review

The title of Bahati’s Latest single is called Weezdom Faham.
Faham is a swahili word which means to understand in english and
Weezdom, I am sure is a variant of wisdom.

Below are a few lines that I managed to understand.
Please use the contact page to submit the complete lyrics
if you understand swahili.

Aksanti sana God, njo na anza na faham.
(Thank you God, I begin to understand)

Wali sema siwezi uka fanya niki simama.
(They said I can’t but he made it possible for me to stand)

Bila ku ni zungulusha uka ni toa kwenya tabu
(Without confusing me, he removed me from trouble)

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