Fabregas Metis Noir Nouveau Marie Paroles en Lingala Lyrics in English

Nouveau marié = Newly-wed Fabregas Metis Noir Nouveau marié Paroles en Lingala Lyrics in English Melodie nazo yemela yo na loyembo ezo senga se ba ange nde ba yemba yango (The melody that I am singing for you in a song requires angels to sing it) Po dimension ya concentration nga na komeli yango ezali […]

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Reviews of songs by Franco Luambo Makiadi and OK Jazz

1) Franco Luambo Makiadi’s Princesse Kikou This song is about a princess who was hated by many. Kikou was not just a princess; she was also an over confident woman. She says that her presence intimidates. On top of that, she says that her clothes fit well in her, and everybody is puzzled when she […]

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