Reviews of songs by Franco Luambo Makiadi and OK Jazz

1) Franco Luambo Makiadi’s Princesse Kikou This song is about a princess who was hated by many. Kikou was not just a princess; she was also an over confident woman. She says that her presence intimidates. On top of that, she says that her clothes fit well in her, and everybody is puzzled when she […]

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A review the album Sans Commentaire by Madilu System

The album Sans Commentaire has a total of 10 tracks Track 4 Biya – Madilu System feat Josky Kiambukuta The song Biya by Madilu System was released twice. It first appeared in the album Destin. A remix of it appeared in the album Sans Commentaire. Biya is the name of Madilu’s wife. The song was […]

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Parking Ya ba ba ba by Koffi Olomide is about what?

What is the song Parking ya Bababa by Koffi Olomide about? We all should know by now that Koffi Olomide is a big provocateur. Throughout this song, Koffi is condemning people for talking about him night and day. He portrays himself as an extremely poor person. He grew up in such a poverty to the […]

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Ndaya by Mpongo Love is about what? A Short translation of the lyrics.

Ndaya by Mpongo Love is about what? A Short translation of the lyrics. The song Ndaya by Mpongo Love is focused around a woman who is bragging about her marriage. She is claiming that she knew that they will end up getting married if she continued to hang around. Most of songs by Mpongo […]

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